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It’s not always heartbreaking perfect rains

and a soothing cup of coffee,

sometimes it’s devastatingly dangerous hurricanes

and bodies left breathless.

Death, Life, Love


This is a poem i was inspired to write after reading “SING ME TO SLEEP- BY ANGELA MORRISON” Its the most beautiful book i ve ever read!

I trusted you to take me home,
away from the darkness of the night.
The night I love so much more,
and yet I choose to hide.

And you asked me to sing you to sleep,
as the new dawn for you –arises.
You closed your eyes with a flutter,
your chest as motionless as the night,
You left me alone for the ride back home,
no one to kiss me goodnight.
You left me alone to drink that coffee I made-
for you, before you were gone.

You left me alone and now noone,
to sing ‘me’ to sleep tonight.
I need someone to hold me back,
stroke my hair and hold my hand,
so who’ll sing me to sleep now:
now that you are completely gone?

So I’ll take me home and sleep tight
and I’ll sing myself to sleep tonight…
cause that’s where I know you’ll come
to see me slowly close my eyes.

As you hold me closer to your heart,
and you kiss me with all your soul
and then we sing that song together…
We sing us to sleep… forever…
And I learn that love can haunt you forever,
like a beautiful aching song…

– blossomed heart.

 You’re the only one I kiss goodnight.

Death, Helplessness

“I See Death”

This is a poem i wrote when i was emotionally very disturbed…But now that i look back, “The things that hurt me were the things that made me stronger...” 🙂 🙂

I see death-
as a dreamless sleep, as quite as the dust that-
settles silently on the clock.
the clock struck 12-
the hands stayed still,
as still as the breeze alive at night.

I see death –
As the darkness at night-
sought after for comfort,
sought after for silence.
but alas! It is forgotten-
to welcome the warmth of light..
The darkness is maddening,
its eating me alive,
yet, I’d choose to dwell in this night.

At first death is denial-
denied of its existence.
then it becomes outrage,
where “the” power is blamed.
then it becomes calmness-
over the helplessness of the loss.
and finally, finally-
it becomes acceptance,
as a part of the destined 
birth and death.
cause death is inevitable…
and so is oblivion. …
– blossomedheart

” Remember always- “When one door closes, several others open”
keep smiling!! 🙂 🙂