Busy, Life


Okay! so there’s this major reason that i dont update often: i make my mind to think this-  im busy!! I don’t have time!! ( also why i never complete my projects on time- ha! i always have a doctors appointment when i have to submit things. :3 ) (also why i suck at life!! wow! )
these are somethings that just “make” me busy –

1) People who annoy me– This includes a whole lot of people like people who text me on Facebook or whatsapp asking for the “homework” we have to do, or “assignments” we have to submit! ( like psshh go get a life! ITS SOCIAL MEDIA!) Don’t even dare to bother me with your self centered rants! and people who text trying to make small talk and fail at it!

2) When I am actually doing nothing– i m busy every time when I’m doing absolutely nothing. ( :3 ) like just generally thinking about life or my stupid crushes, what if I was a billionaire? what if I was the president of India? what if I became superwoman for a day!? (i ❤ her!!) what if I die tomorrow? does this guy like me or what? what if I could like rewind in life? why does my life suck? etc. 😀

3) When i m doing “stuff”– like stalking random people whom i hardly know (on Facebook,instagram, etc), cooking (which i don’t do..but hey! im generalizing here! 😛 ) ,reading romance novels (disturb me and I cut your head off),dancing around,bathroom singing, eating (yayyy!! food! ) and several other things.

3) When i am Lazying around the house– i’m just cuddled in my couch watching some random teen flick on Romedy Now. Now don’t bother me. shoo!

4) When im soo buried between school and then coaching classes and i don’t even have time to breathe. *lungs give up due to not being able to breathe*

5) When my parents ask me to do something. 😀 😀 (i know everyone is busy at that time!!! ) 

6) When im acting busy coz I dont want to look stupid in public places. (yeah i am this really busy person you see *smirks* )

When am i not busy then?? When i am studying! I would love you to bother me when im studying. Making sure my mom doesn’t notice me calling, texting ,or hanging out (for long hours).
Anything to divert my mind from studying!! 😀
yayyyy! 😛
keep smiling!! 🙂
P.S – hope u liked my post! 😛 thanks for reading!! keep smiling always!! 🙂