Death, Helplessness

“I See Death”

This is a poem i wrote when i was emotionally very disturbed…But now that i look back, “The things that hurt me were the things that made me stronger...” 🙂 🙂

I see death-
as a dreamless sleep, as quite as the dust that-
settles silently on the clock.
the clock struck 12-
the hands stayed still,
as still as the breeze alive at night.

I see death –
As the darkness at night-
sought after for comfort,
sought after for silence.
but alas! It is forgotten-
to welcome the warmth of light..
The darkness is maddening,
its eating me alive,
yet, I’d choose to dwell in this night.

At first death is denial-
denied of its existence.
then it becomes outrage,
where “the” power is blamed.
then it becomes calmness-
over the helplessness of the loss.
and finally, finally-
it becomes acceptance,
as a part of the destined 
birth and death.
cause death is inevitable…
and so is oblivion. …
– blossomedheart

” Remember always- “When one door closes, several others open”
keep smiling!! 🙂 🙂


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