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7 Stupid Thoughts As A Diary Writer!

To all the daily diary writers out there, occasional diary writers, once a year writers, and lastly the “no diary writers” !! heyy! how you doing? 😛hqdefault dsc_0436
I fall under the category of occasional diary writers.. 😛 occasional can be as many as 7 times a week to once a month.. 😛
As a diary writer these are the things i do,think and feel.. 😛
Number 1!! – “Where do i hide this diary today?” 
– i am constantly thinking on places to hide my diary to keep it safe from the hands of my parents, friends, siblings, and roommates!

2) “I am too tired today.. ill write it tomorrow..”
– I always postpone writing my diary entries everyday! sometimes when i am emotionally disturbed i write everyday..:P  but other than that once a week is MY “occasion” ..! 😛

3) “I don’t think i should write bout this in my diary..what if someone accidentally reads it?!” 
– many times i tend to leave a few things unwritten in my diary. extremely embarrassing things! what if someone ends up reading my diary?? i reconcile with myself that “its okay if i don’t write this, it ll stay as a secret and just die with me”.. 😛

4) “i have to write everything in this diary..i need to be loyal and honest with it” 
– many times i think i shouldn’t write embarrassing things, while other times i think to myself that i need to be honest with my diary and if not it ll not support me.. ( umm.. this may feel retarded..and i know it’s not a real person.. 😛 ) 

5) I pretend my diary is an actual person who is listening to me and who doesn’t judge me for anything.. (sometimes it also ends up advising me xD )
– i always think my diary is an actual person.. which is why i rant about everything in it..”everything” :3 even the most stupidest things like how much i miss my old friends, cursing that “stupid bitch”, and about how i didn’t get my share of chocolate from my brother!! I still never get my share of chocolate 😥 but i love chocolates!! (yeah never ever do the mistake of reading my diary.. )

6) I make lists of things…(most of which i don’t do.. ) 😛 
– I make the lists of things i wish to do or i have to do. Things i need to follow. And end up not following most of them. (you know like new year resolutions?? )

7) I am surprised as hell when i read my older entries! 
– I don’t usually turn the pages of my diary to read my old entries but when i do, it feels like a 6 year old had written the diary. I rant about all random things. I promise myself to never rant, but end up doing the same. I regret so many of my decisions, am compelled to tear out a few pages, end up crying for most part, and finally end up overthinking.. ufff! 😛
These are my thoughts as a diary writer..Did i miss something out? What are your thoughts about diary writing? let me know in the comment! 🙂 keep smiling! thank you!! 🙂


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